Sunday, October 25, 2015

10 Important Concepts of Tai Chi (part 2 of 2)

Concept #4

Moving slowly should always be done every step of the way. It can never be overemphasized because the slow smoothness of your motions will improve the connection of your body and your environment.

Concept #5

Never let anything disconnect you. You should always stay connected with every instruction. If you have been disconnected, continue to perform the movements and listen carefully to the instructions so that you can overcome any distraction.

Concept #6

Your knees must always be bent during the entire form. Your height must not bob down and up. There are some considerations but all the while, your height must always be maintained at a level that is constant.

Concept #7

The power of Tai Chi travels differently from the movement of Tai Chi. Power of Tai Chi will start from the feet going up to the legs, controlling the shoulders, and will be expressed by the fingers and hands.

Concept #8

Your head must be maintained as if it was suspended on air.

Concept #9
Your chest must be depressed and your back should be raised but this must be done without exerting any force.

Concept #10

Your breath must be focused on your dan-tien but force must not be exerted. As time in the program may pass, there will be accomplishments that will fulfill you like synchronizing your breathing with the movements that you make.

You should always consult your teacher when to exhale or inhale.

10 Important Concepts of Tai Chi (part 1 of 2)

Practicing Tai Chi is not merely a swing of the arm and the movement of the feet. There is a reason behind every movement and style that is made. These concepts paved the way to building every form of Tai Chi. So you have to pay close attention on the things that are not brought up every once in a while because even though if things seem so basic, they are indeed important.

Here are 10 of the most important concepts of Tai Chi that you should never take for granted. Remember these and it will make you appreciate more the forms that are performed.

Concept #1

Tai Chi is done with emphasis on every movement and the fashion of every pattern must be in connected with one another. Meaning every motion made must always start from the spine, going down to the waist, then moving lower to the legs and the feet, then it is simultaneously going up to the body then the arms, hands and last, the fingers.

Concept #2

Maintain your shoulders dropped so that any tension will be eliminated. Shoulders that are always propped are said to have overflowing tension.

Concept #3

Your wrists must always be straight in order to form a lady’s hand if you are performing the Cheng form. All points apply to all forms of Tai Chi but the lady’s hand is basic and a very important trait of the Cheng form in order to cultivate the energy flowing in the body.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Foxy Boxing - The Women's Craft (part 2 of 2)

A Bit of a Complication
In the United Kingdom itself, women's boxing never had a warm welcome. There was an incident in 1997 that it was sanctioned because the very first official match was one between two very young thirteen-year-old kids. The contestants were deliberately pulled out of the supposed to be concluded match.
Going back to the beginnings of women's boxing in the United Kingdom, it was in the 1980s when a woman by the name of Sue Atkins pioneered the boxing spree. Again, no support was ever given to her but she tried her best to increase the awareness for the benefit of this women's sport. Jane Couch, on the other hand, got a fair treatment when she won the welterweight title and was given due recognition and license in 1996 by the Women's International Boxing Federation.
Nowadays though, the boxing match for women is being upheld considering the fact that several daughters of the greatest retired boxers have entered the scene.
Regardless, foxy boxing takes women's boxing into a different level. It may not be meant to actually arouse the men but it simply harnesses the kind of sexuality that women have.

Others may not approve of it but it shows in one way or another what women's God-given gifts are and that they can do something that is more adventurous despite the society's stereotyping.

Foxy Boxing - The Women's Craft (part 1 of 2)
It may be a term that is rarely used. Foxy boxing is the name that is used to refer to the boxing match that is conducted between two women as the participants. This is entirely different from that of the match that is participated in by the men.

The men often compete based on their stamina and power. On the other hand, this type of boxing quest doesn't only call for power or stamina but it likewise adds up some dimensions which are not in any light covered by the male boxing contests. There is a certain dimension of sultriness that it adds up.

A Closer Look at the Women's Boxing Match
Generally, the presence of women is often related to what is known as the sensual and the erotic. Foxy boxing, on the other hand, is being closely associated with such. The participants' sexual sides are being focused. The match doesn't only fall as a form of entertainment but it similarly takes on an erotic suggestiveness due to the skimpy apparel that they wear. Most women foxy boxers flaunt their bodies through their bikinis. In some occasions, the women boxers are only clad with bottoms and no tops at all.

The Beginnings of Women Boxing
The very first demonstration of women's boxing was finally granted during the 1904 Olympics year. It was in 1988 when the Swedish Amateur Boxing Association found the need to permit a boxing event for the women. Hence, it all revived the essence of women boxing as a kind of sport. Unfortunately, will all of the conventional notions attached to the women, it took some time for the wide acceptance of this women's brand of sport. The very first official European Cup for the women was only held during the year 1999. The World Championships for women materialized in the year 2001. Talk about a great deal of time!

As for the moment, the sport had still been regarded as an exhibition sport at the recently concluded 2008 Beijing Olympics and is said to be treated as one official Olympics sport by the year 2012.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Youth Group Activities – Boot Camp (part 2 of 2)

During the stay of your kid in the camp, there will be different program that can provide skill  enhancements, counseling, and education. Most of the programs included in the camp are activities that form the right values, proper conduct, and even discipline related activities.

Once the kid is disciplined, he or she will be more obedient to the law and authorities. Although the programs may seem tough, it can still be considered love. No matter how troubled your kid is, the boot camp officers can condition him or her to be renewed. Growing up involves a lot of changes and that includes mood swings. Problems can aggravate your kids’ situation so before anything else bad happens, have your kid enrolled in a boot camp.

According to the officers of boot camps, family is a strong reason why kids commit mistakes. In order to rebuild the family relationship, some of the activities involve the whole family. Counseling and proper care can immediately change your kid for the better.

Other teenagers will also be in the camp. Most of the activities will be conducted in groups. All the campers will be treated fairly and the officers will most likely use a confrontational approach. This is the best way to teach the kids the right social behavior. Communication skills can also be enhanced through a boot camp.

After the boot camp, the teenager will still be monitored to ensure that he or she is following everything that is taught in the boot camp.

Have you seen a military camp? It’s quite similar to the boot camp but the teenagers might also find it fun in some way. If they are willing to change, then they can do so with the help of expert staff members. Enroll your kid in a boot camp now.

Youth Group Activities – Boot Camp (part 1 of 2)

Boot camps are gaining popularity these days. It seems that a lot of youth want to find the best youth group activities. If you’re among the parents with troubled teenagers, boot camps are an excellent choice. A boot camp can be compared to a military camp. Why is that?

The programs and standards followed by boot camps are firm to provoke obedience. However, in some way the programs are also gentle so that they can reach the level of these troubled teenagers. All the members of the staff of the camp will definitely go down to your kids’ level to achieve better understanding of his or her personality.

Some people mistake boot camps for a detention center but there is a big difference. In a boot camp, brutal punishments, humiliation, and degradation are not used because these kinds of treatments are not proper for a troubled teenager.

Each country often has a juvenile system and the youth boot camp plays an important role in it. Some teenagers commit social crimes and by doing so, they will be sentenced by the authorities to spend a certain time in a boot camp. The boot camp is the best way to help a troubled youngster rather then sending him or her to a detention camp.

That way, the professionals can guide your kid into the right path and not further aggravate his or her criminal habits. Lessons should be conveyed in the right manner to the kid and not through disturbing offenses. The operations of youth boot camps are allowed by a country’s penal system.